Jeff Longhurst: Driving Innovation & Growth in Invoice Finance & SME Lending

Jeff brings over 40 years of experience in the invoice finance and asset-based lending industries, having held CEO and managing director positions at major industry players such as clearing bank subsidiaries, specialist asset-based lenders, and independent invoice finance providers. 

His expertise and leadership have been instrumental in driving growth, implementing transformative strategies, and shaping the future of the industry.

Areas of expertise:
Invoice Finance and Asset-Based Lending
Strategic Growth and Turnaround Management
Industry Advocacy and Lobbying
SME Finance and Lending
Debt Risk Assessment and Recovery Strategies
Credit Policy Development and Implementation

Jeffs Background

Transformative Leadership

Throughout his career, Jeff has delivered transformative change and outstanding results within the organisations he has led. His strategic vision, coupled with his deep understanding of the invoice finance industry, has enabled him to identify opportunities for growth and implement effective solutions to optimise performance. 

From launching a successful invoice finance business from scratch to turning around underperforming operations and achieving significant improvements in key metrics, Jeff's leadership has been instrumental in positioning businesses for long-term success in the highly competitive invoice finance landscape.

Industry Leadership

As the former Chair and CEO of the Asset Based Finance Association (ABFA), Jeff successfully managed the merger of that association with the British Banking Association, the Council of Mortgage Lenders, and other key financial organisations. 

He steered the effective lobbying efforts which resulted in the passing of the bill which removed the prohibition of assignment from the trading terms of big customers, unlocking an estimated £800m in additional funding for SMEs. As a member of the Executive Committee of the EU Federation of Factoring and Commercial Finance he worked closely with colleagues across Europe to promote Invoice Finance and also attended and spoke at conferences worldwide.

Non-Executive Director and Advisory Roles

Jeff currently serves as an advisor and Non-Executive Director, including sitting on the advisory board of a fintech, helping with product development, devising its credit policy, and attending monthly portfolio review meetings. 

Working as a NED of a supplier to the invoice finance industry he plays a crucial role in securing the supplier's position on the panel of debt risk assessment and recovery services for major clients such as HSBC and Close Brothers. 

He has worked with investors on the purchase of a supplier to the invoice finance Industry and with businesses looking to set up In the UK.

Invoice Finance Expertise

With over four decades of experience in the invoice finance sector, Jeff has established himself as a leading expert in the field. His extensive knowledge encompasses all aspects of invoice finance, from structuring complex deals to optimising operational processes and driving innovation.

 Jeff has a proven track record of successfully implementing invoice finance solutions for a wide range of clients, helping them develop and put into effect their strategies for growth, risk management and operational performance.

Why Work with Jeff

Jeff's unique blend of extensive industry experience, strategic vision, and ability to drive innovation sets him apart in the invoice finance and SME lending sectors. His holistic understanding of the industry, spanning traditional finance and emerging fintech solutions, enables him to provide valuable insights and guidance to organisations seeking growth and transformation.

Whether you are a financial institution looking to optimise your invoice finance operations, an SME seeking expert advice on securing funding, or a fintech start-up navigating the complexities of the industry, Jeff's expertise can help you achieve your goals. 

His track record of driving growth, implementing effective strategies, and fostering industry collaboration makes him an invaluable partner for organisations striving to succeed in the dynamic world of invoice finance and SME lending.

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