Transforming Businesses with Proven Strategies: Meet Simon Potts

Simon is a seasoned technology executive with proven track record in the asset finance sector, specialising in IT strategy, digital transformation, and operational excellence.

Over his career, Simon has demonstrated leadership in global roles, focusing on the integration of AI, automation, workflow processes, and asset finance systems implementation.

Areas of expertise:
Digital Transformation
Process Improvement via Lean Six Sigma Methods
Asset Finance Systems Implementation
IT Leadership, Data and Functional Architecture
AI Integration and Intelligent Workflows

Simon's Background

World Class Experience

At IBM Financing, Simon was the global lead for AI, Workflow, and Automation division, driving digital innovation across a $26bn asset portfolio.

Proven AI Implementations

He pioneered the development of innovative digital and AI initiatives, encompassing chatbots, contract analysis, document processing, and intelligent reporting, among others.

Leading Digital Transformation

Simon’s strategic vision was pivotal in advancing the company's digital transformation agenda, enhancing operational efficiencies, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Finance Systems Expertise

His work in designing the business architecture and management system for IBM Financing has endured for over two decades, supporting the company's digital transformation and migration to cloud-native applications.

Why Work with Simon

Simon's approach is defined by a blend of technology expertise, integrity, and a deep understanding of the asset finance industry. His commitment to innovation, coupled with a unique insight into the asset finance sector, sets him apart.

Grounded in client empathy and a mutual desire for success, he embodies the principle of standing in the client's shoes, striving not just for the firm's achievements but for the broader benefit of all stakeholders.

Simon’s expertise is ideal for forward-thinking CTOs organisations seeking to leverage technology-facilitated transformation and eager to embrace AI and digital innovation to their advantage.

Connect with Simon for help in transforming your asset finance operations and discover how Simon's expertise in digital transformation and strategic IT leadership can help your business.

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