May 13, 2024

Case Study: Driving Operational Excellence in Automotive Leasing

In an era of rapid growth and fierce competition, operational efficiency is key to success for businesses across sectors. This is particularly true in the automotive leasing industry, where streamlining processes and enhancing customer service can make all the difference.

One leading automotive leasing broker recently grappled with these challenges as exponential organic growth put pressure on its administration function. Determined to optimise deal flow and customer service without increasing IT costs or staff count, the leadership turned to Finativ Focus for fast and practical support.

The Finativ Focus Approach

Finativ Focus provides an in-depth process and operational review in a specific area. To support this client, we deployed a specialised two-person team to analyse the broker's administration function thoroughly. Through a combination of on- and off-site work over four weeks, including desktop-level interviews, observation, and process analysis, the team identified areas ripe for rapid enhancement.

Impressive Results

The results were impressive.

  • Immediate Impact: Identified short lead time (0-7 months) enhancements, which increase deal flow capacity by up to 17% with minimal IT investment and no need for additional staff.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Implemented improvements not only boost efficiency but also significantly improve customer satisfaction.
  • Quantifiable Financial Benefits: Achieved net near-term financial gains of up to six times the cost of Finativ's engagement.
  • Visionary Improvements: Unearthed long-term strategic upgrades requiring modest investment and that have the potential to yield net benefits of up to ten times the project cost.
  • Broad-Spectrum Opportunities: Exposed avenues for similar operational and financial improvements across other business areas.

These improvements not only boosted efficiency but also significantly improved customer satisfaction. The net near-term financial gains achieved were up to six times the cost of Finativ's engagement, demonstrating the tangible value of their approach.

Long-Term Benefits

But the benefits didn't stop there. Finativ Focus also unearthed long-term strategic upgrades with the potential to yield net benefits of up to ten times the project cost. These visionary improvements required only modest investment, making them an attractive proposition for the broker. Furthermore, the engagement exposed avenues for similar operational and financial improvements across other business areas, highlighting the broad-spectrum benefits of this type of review.

The Importance of Operational Efficiency

This case study underscores the value of Finativ Focus's approach in delivering tailored, impactful efficiency improvements. By leveraging specialised expertise and innovative thinking, organsiations can achieve substantial operational enhancements that enable sustained growth and excellence in customer service.

Looking to the Future

As the automotive leasing sector continues to evolve, the importance of operational efficiency will only grow. By undertaking an in-depth review using Finativ Focus, businesses can ensure they are well-positioned to meet the challenges of the future head-on.

For further information, visit the Finativ Focus page.

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