May 14, 2024

May 2024 Welcome to the latest edition of Finativ Insight. We open this issue with a case study showcasing how a leading automotive leasing broker drives operational excellence with Finativ Focus's help. They have achieved impressive results by optimising deal flow and customer service without increasing costs, including immediate capacity increases, enhanced customer satisfaction, and […]

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May 7, 2024
How to Enter the Renewable Energy Asset Financing Market

Recently, we’ve spoken with a number of funders looking to enter the renewable energy financing market, or to significantly grow their existing limited offering in this space.  The rationale for their decision is twofold and compelling – firstly, it’s a rapidly growing economic sector that offers strong opportunities and higher profitability for finance companies; and […]

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May 31, 2023
Standards for Sustainability: The Role of Finance and the Emergence of BS ISO 32210:2022

The world today grapples with a series of existential crises: climate change, ecosystem degradation, escalating poverty, and relentless water stress. With a swelling global population predicted to hit 9.7 billion by 2050, we are at an inflection point. The consequences of increased consumption and pollution are becoming ever more evident and pressing. This article highlights […]

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March 27, 2023
Solar as a Service – Saving Money when the Sun Shines

The combination of Internet of Things (IoT) technology and the availability of natural energy resources offers a new twist in the development of Pay-Per-Use (PPU) solutions. One of the key challenges facing finance companies when they consider offering a PPU funding solution is the risk that the customer does not use the equipment as much […]

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