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April 2023

Since our launch 10 months ago, at its heart, Finativ has always been about the progressive, practical application of good ideas. This newsletter highlights some of those: a new service that provides on-demand expertise to clients; the development of an innovative pay-per-use funding programme; and, the first of its kind, the development of a peer community for technology decision-makers and influencers within the asset and motor finance market.

We welcome two new consulting directors, Andrew Peet and Richard Carter, both highly experienced “finance natives”. Andrew addresses some of the barriers to successful digital transformation, while the newsletter also highlights how motor finance subscription can drive value as part of an integral part of a finance product portfolio. 

We hope you find it useful.

solar as a service

Solar As A Service – Saving Money When The Sun Shines

The combination of Internet of Things (IoT) technology and the availability of natural energy resources offers a new twist in the development of Pay-Per-Use (PPU) solutions.

One of the key challenges facing finance companies when they consider offering a PPU funding solution is the risk that the customer does not use the equipment as much as was intended, or perhaps not at all, and as a result, transferring asset and credit risk to the funder.  […]

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New Product Launch: Finativ Flex

Providing Clients with Expertise On-demand

With business leaders forced to juggle competing priorities and limited resources, we’ve launched an on-demand service that provides clients with ongoing access to specialist advisors on a flexible, as-required basis.

Based on an agreed monthly retainer, Finativ Flex connects clients with the full talents of the Finativ organisation across a wide range of business activities. Each client is assigned a dedicated client manager who understands their business needs and goals, providing ongoing advisory support and introducing specific Finativ experts as required.

What our clients say

“Working with our executive team, Finativ has helped us with a strategy process that turned stretching growth ambitions into a coherent transformation programme. While sensitive to our specific business culture, they helped us to understand our potential and create a plan of what we need to do and how we need to change.

“Maintaining the quality and pace of change will be essential - signing up to the Finativ Flex programme now gives us continuous independent oversight of our programme with a healthy challenge on quality and speed of progress, plus access to the entire Finativ team, whenever we want it and for whatever we choose. I recommend it thoroughly!"

Daniel Bailey, Executive Director
Arkle Finance Ltd
technology and innovation forum

Join the Technology & Innovation Forum

April 19th sees the launch of the Technology & Innovation Forum, a new peer community for technology and data decision-makers in asset and motor finance. Designed by the community for the community, the Forum will hold virtual workshops every two months to discuss key issues facing finance providers. 

The first meeting is entitled “Practical Implications of Running Microservices” and will seek to address problem statements defined in the pre-event research.

Membership of the Technology & Innovation Forum is free and inclusive but is restricted to technology decision-makers and influencers working in asset and auto finance companies (sorry, no technology providers!). 

Apply to join the Technology & Innovation Forum here.

Navigating The Zone Of Uncomfortable Debate: How To Identify Roadblocks In Your Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become a buzzword in today's business world, and for good reason. Organisations must embrace new technologies and digital strategies to remain competitive and relevant.

However, achieving a successful digital transformation can be complex and involves much more than just implementing new technologies; it requires […]

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car subscription

Why Are We Still Talking About Car Subscription?

The concept of car subscription has been a recurring topic in online and offline discussions among industry insiders. Companies such as Porsche Passport and Care by Volvo have received considerable attention, no doubt driven by their effective PR campaigns. However, despite the product being available for over four years, subscription models have yet to generate significant business volumes in the UK market.

Nevertheless, the topic continues [...]

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Pumping Up Asset Finance: How Digital Steroids Boost Speed and Power

Pumping Up Asset Finance: How Digital "Steroids" Boost Speed And Power

Businesses across industries are constantly seeking ways to gain an edge over competitors and improve their bottom line. In the world of sports, athletes are always looking for performance-enhancing improvements, with some turning to steroids to increase their strength, power, and speed. In the business world, digital strategies can serve as the equivalent of "steroids" to help banks, motor, and asset finance companies achieve better, faster, and cheaper results. [...]

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Finativ Strengthens Team with Two Key Hires

Richard Carter Finativ
Richard Carter
Andrew Peet Finativ
Andrew Peet

March sees two new hires that strengthen our ability to offer clients new growth opportunities. 

Richard Carter, formerly CEO Europe & Asia at Bibby Financial Services, brings a track record of driving improved business performance across a range of commercial finance sectors and deep expertise in invoice and trade finance. Richard will work closely with fellow Consulting Director Jeff Longhurst, former CEO of the Asset-Based Finance Association. 

Contact Richard

Andrew Peet joins as a specialist in implementing digital systems and processes. Combining over 20 years in asset and motor finance with eight years focused on designing and leading digital transformation programmes, Andrew brings technical awareness, strategic insight and a person-centred change management approach that drives high levels of business adoption.  

Contact Andrew

See you there?

Over the coming weeks, members of the team will be attending the following events. Hopefully we’ll see you there.

19 April: Technology & Innovation Forum

20 April: Leasing Industry Golf Day courtesy of Cordoba Rewards

27 April: Credit Strategy Credit Summit, QE11 Centre, London

3 May: World of Open Account, London

9 May: Future of the Car - Online Summit

23/24 May: Receivables Finance International Convention (RFIx23)

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Given continued growth opportunities combined with current turbulence in the markets, many finance providers will have a need to review strategy and face some difficult decisions.

Often another perspective and insight from an experienced professional can make a difference and help in this process.

As a finance-orientated advisory and consulting firm that offers support through all stages of the economic cycle, with a team that has a wealth of experience covering a wide range of specialisms, Finativ is well placed to support any organisation in, or associated with, the finance industry.

Finativ is encouraging you to take advantage of this expertise, by offering you a free one-hour consultation. The consultation can be on any topic, and with your choice of Finativ consultant, with no on-going obligation.

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