January 13, 2023


January 2023

Our latest newsletter covers four substantive issues facing business leaders in the finance industry:

  • How to achieve value in a business sale or capital raising transactions
  • Why entering the invoice finance market can drive value for asset finance providers
  • The impact of IoT on the asset finance industry
  • Why the asset finance sector must plan for emissions reporting

If there's anything that you'd value some external advice on or need some specialist resources for, please get in touch.

corporate finance transactions

Corporate Finance: Positioning for Value

As a seller/borrower in any corporate finance transaction, some key drivers of value for you that are often not prioritised are: know your buyer/funder, prepare the story, and manage the process. Too often, the emphasis is solely on the financial performance and positioning the business using a template and then negotiating the best price. While […]

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invoice financing

2023: A Golden Year for Invoice Finance?

For asset finance providers, invoice finance represents an opportunity to invest in a familiar but countercyclical market. Whereas many businesses in asset finance will see 2023 as a year of lower demand, the opposite is true in the invoice finance market, especially for non-bank players. In a downturn, working capital is at a premium, resulting […]

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IoT Impacts On The Asset Finance Industry

The internet of things (IoT) is not a new concept, but its growing proliferation means that it will become increasingly important for finance providers. The use of internet-enabled sensors embedded in the physical world of machinery, vehicles and across working environments (think smart offices and smart factories, for example) will quietly and, in some cases, radically change commercial activities, behaviours and related business [...]

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green trees in a wood with a sunrise shining through the branches

Why The Asset Finance Sector Must Plan For Emissions Reporting

As the world progresses towards a more sustainable future, businesses in the asset finance sector must be thinking about emissions reporting. As part of the broader sustainability agenda, emissions reporting is a form of non-financial reporting that is gaining relevance for businesses of all sizes, and particularly those in the financial sector because of the impact of the 'financed emissions', i.e. those resulting from [...]

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See you there?

Lombard Reunion 26th January

Current and past employees can enjoy some January cheer at the Lombard Reunion in London, 26th January. A similar event was held three years ago and was a big success with a lot of people catching up with old friends.  For more details and to book go to https://www.afpatrust.com/events/

Car Dealer Live Conference 9th March

Held at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon, Warwickshire, this conference focuses on the Future of the Car Dealer - more details here: https://cardealerlive.co.uk/

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Given continued growth opportunities combined with current turbulence in the markets, many finance providers will have a need to review strategy and face some difficult decisions.

Often another perspective and insight from an experienced professional can make a difference and help in this process.

As a finance-orientated advisory and consulting firm that offers support through all stages of the economic cycle, with a team that has a wealth of experience covering a wide range of specialisms, Finativ is well placed to support any organisation in, or associated with, the finance industry.

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What our clients say

“Finativ guided us through every aspect of our recent invoice finance project, from product and commercial design to financial planning, accounting and legal structuring, systems selection and development, operational design, transitional management and mentoring of key staff. Always accessible and responsive to the nuances of our captive finance relationship, the expert support from Finativ was fundamental to the successful implementation of our programme.”

Alan Rhodes, Managing Director
Scania Finance Great Britain Ltd

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