January 3, 2024


January 2024

2024 – a new year and new opportunities. In this edition of Insight, we highlight the step-change performance potential in supply chain finance and BNPL. 

Following a successful engagement in Q4, we introduce a new product - 'Finativ Focus' – a high-speed, low-risk way to drive capacity and productivity gains, with costs aligned to tangible business benefits. 

For technology leaders interested in AI, our free-to-join, face-to-face event on 17 January provides valuable AI insights and practical use cases for your business. Please get in touch if you're interested in attending.

Looking forward, Christian Roelofs discusses whether there is a good alternative to block discounting. And with data security as critical as ever, we compare the differences and similarities of ISO 27001 and SOC 2.

Finally, we review the challenges facing the motor trade and (with the help of some friends) look at what the year has in store for SME lending. 2024 will not be dull!  

Happy reading.

Peter Hunt, Chief Operating Officer

Calling all Invoice Finance providers - Grow your business and steal a march on your competitors by using digitalised irrevocable promises to pay

Calling Invoice Finance Providers: Grow Your Business And Steal A March On Your Competitors

It's time for finance companies to review the opportunities for growth and risk mitigation to be had in shifting to Irrevocable Payment Undertakings (IPUs) in supply chain finance and commercial 'Buy Now Pay Later' (BNPL).

In the August edition of Insight, I wrote about [...]

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finativ focus

Unlocking Operational Efficiencies: Introducing Finativ Focus 

In financial services, a challenging dichotomy exists: the aspiration for growth is often at odds with the limitations of existing resources and operational frameworks.

This complex landscape demands a solution that can bridge the gap between expansion ambitions and the reality of operational constraints [...]

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Technology Leaders - Will You Be There?

The upcoming in-person Technology & Innovation Forum meeting on January 17th promises to be a game-changing event for those in the asset and motor finance industry looking to understand the future of finance and artificial intelligence.

Featuring distinguished speaker Dr Jeremy Reffin, attendees will gain strategic insights on AI applications, participate in workshops to identify AI use cases and collaborate with industry experts in focused breakout sessions aimed at unlocking the real operational value of AI.

The event also provides exclusive networking opportunities to connect with peers and foster relationships. Attendance is limited to Forum members only, and prior registration is essential.

This is a unique chance to help shape the future of finance and be part of the AI change. Contact simon.harris@finativ.co.uk to secure your place at this event taking place at Allianz Trade in Canary Wharf, starting at 12:30pm.

block funding

Block Funding: Friend Or Foe?

Non-bank asset finance companies in the UK are almost entirely reliant on Block Funding (Block) for the liquidity they need to trade.

Some see this as a strength in that Block is relatively simple, is not a banking product thrust upon us, and has been a staple source of funding for the last 10+ years. All of this is correct, although reliance on a single product is a material weakness and one I feel the [...]

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data security

Understanding ISO 27001 And SOC 2 As Pillars Of Global Data Security

George Bernard Shaw was quoted in 1942 as saying, "England and America are two countries separated by the same language." Much the same can be said about standards.

Paper is not the only place where American exceptionalism (or, for the historically minded, its 'manifest destiny') can cause problems. ISO 27001 provides a [...]

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motor finance

Revving Up Resilience In Motor Trade Amidst Economic Headwinds

The motor trade has been through a rollercoaster of recent events, from Brexit to the pandemic and beyond. While these events have shaken many businesses, motor retailers have shown a surprising level of resilience. The spike in used-car profits helped many bounce back quickly despite the new challenges that came thick and fast.

Now, as we enter the new year, [...]

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2024 asset finance forecast

2024 Outlook: Industry Experts Weigh In On The Future Of SME Lending

The start of the new year is a time when people often think about the year ahead. This year, I decided to ask a few industry friends for their thoughts on major trends and events that will help shape SME lending in 2024. Below are our combined observations - my sincere thanks go to Ylva Oertengren, Simon Goldie and Christian Roelofs for their much-valued contributions.

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See You There?

Over the coming weeks, members of the team will be attending the following events. Hopefully we'll see you there.

17 January: Technology & Innovation Forum, AI in Focus, Canary Wharf, London

20 February: FLA Dinner, London

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