May 14, 2024


May 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of Finativ Insight.

We open this issue with a case study showcasing how a leading automotive leasing broker drives operational excellence with Finativ Focus's help. They have achieved impressive results by optimising deal flow and customer service without increasing costs, including immediate capacity increases, enhanced customer satisfaction, and significant financial benefits.

Next, we provide guidance on how finance companies can successfully enter the rapidly growing renewable energy financing market. By developing an asset-centric approach, effectively managing risk, and staying attuned to market feedback and regulatory changes, organisations can capitalise on the strong opportunities and higher profitability this sector offers.

We also explore the critical role of Agile Teams in driving digital transformation and fostering collaboration between business and IT. This article delves into how empowering cross-functional teams to make product decisions leads to improved communication, trust, and, ultimately, better results.

In addition, we take a closer look at why projects don't always go according to plan and share valuable insights on how to avoid unwelcome surprises. From strategic planning and prioritisation to decision-making and data-driven evidence, we discuss the key factors contributing to successful project execution.

As AI continues to gain momentum, we examine why now is the time for businesses to start their AI journey. We outline a clear path forward, including essential foundations for successful AI implementation, tips on getting started, and lessons learned from industry experts.

Finally, for technology leaders, our free-to-join, face-to-face event on 11 June in Birmingham focuses on building a culture of partnership and effective communication to support the delivery of technology initiatives. Please get in touch with if you're interested in attending.

We hope this edition of Insight provides you with valuable information and practical strategies to navigate the ever-evolving landscape in which we operate.

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to continuing the conversation.

Peter Hunt, Chief Operating Officer

car broker process efficiency

Case Study: Driving Operational Excellence in Automotive Leasing

In an era of rapid growth and fierce competition, operational efficiency is key to success for businesses across sectors. This is particularly true in the automotive leasing industry, where streamlining processes and enhancing customer service can make all the difference. One leading automotive leasing broker recently grappled with these challenges as exponential organic growth put […]

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renewable energy asset finance

How to Enter the Renewable Energy Asset Financing Market

Recently, we’ve spoken with a number of funders looking to enter the renewable energy financing market, or to significantly grow their existing limited offering in this space.  The rationale for their decision is twofold and compelling – firstly, it’s a rapidly growing economic sector that offers strong opportunities and higher profitability for finance companies; and […]

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agile working

Uniting Business and IT Through Agile Team Dynamics in Digital Transformation

Previously, in this series, looking at some of the common themes emerging from the Technology & Innovation Forum, we addressed the topic of education and identified a dependency on company culture. This article will consider the critical role of Agile Teams in bringing IT and business together to effect digital transformation and positively impact business […]

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project recovery

Why Don't All Projects Go to Plan?

Whether we are looking at the news, or receiving a business update, we hear constant talk of issues with projects – delays to airport projects, cancellation of rail projects, overspend on infrastructure, bugs in new software. Within the finance services sector, in our daily lives, we are, I am sure, all uncomfortably familiar with projects […]

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Collaborative Dynamics: Building Effective Partnerships across the Business
ai strategy

AI: Why Now?

With the latest advances, it is now clear that AI is very much in the mainstream. Many of us are using AI embedded in our desktop and mobile apps for everyday tasks, and we can see that leveraging the same technology in our business applications can provide game-changing […]

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See You There?

Over the coming weeks, members of the team will attend the following events. If you are going to be there, get in touch so we can say hello.

22-23 May: BCR 24th Receivables Finance International, Clifford Chance, London

6 June: Asset Finance Connect, London

11 June: Technology & Innovation Forum, Birmingham. For further details, email

13 June: Company Car in Action, Millbrook

17 June: Credit Strategy - Credit Week, Celtic Manor

19 June: Bohr Energy Innovation Day: Addressing technical challenges in green energy industry, all things biogas, biomethane and hydrogen

26 June: NACFB Commercial Finance Expo, NEC, Birmingham

10-11 July: World Biogas Expo, NEC, Birmingham

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