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September 2023

In this latest edition of “Insight” we highlight the hidden yet substantial benefits of supporting internationally trading businesses, while explaining how the newly passed Electronic Trade Documentation Act creates significant opportunities for early-adopting finance providers in an already underserved market.

For businesses feeling the pressure of commercial challenges, we dig into the benefits of pro-active restructuring, explaining why it's not a term to fear but an effective strategy for sustainable success. For those facing M&A or debt-raising situations, our CEO Christian Roelofs sheds light on the often misunderstood process of due diligence, providing a perspective that could reshape your business strategy.

You can learn about the roadblocks to the vital task of digital transformation, offering actionable insights to help you overcome obstacles and capitalise on new opportunities.  We also provide an update on the Technology & Innovation Forum, our free-to-join peer community for technology decision-makers in asset and motor finance. 

Join us on 20th September as Martyn Turner, Director, Technology & Change at Arkle Finance explains the impact of his pro-active and very cost-effective approach to data and reporting, the design decisions taken and issues faced in a session titled “Driving Arkle’s journey towards a data-led organisation”.

Mark your calendar for the next session on September 20th (details below) or sign up here.

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Join us on September 28th for an opportunity to engage with industry leaders. This free online event opens up our panel of experts to answer your pressing questions on hot topics shaping the industry. The interactive, informal format means no PowerPoint, just real discussions.

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electronic trade documents

"The Most Important Bill You Have Never Heard Of" - Lord Holmes Of Richmond

On 20th July, The Electronic Trade Document Act was passed in the UK. It allows any electronic trade documents that can function like paper to be treated like paper.

So why is the trade finance industry so excited by the adoption of the UNCITRAL Modern Law on Electronic Transferable Records in the UK and soon globally? [...]

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business structuring

Facing Business Challenges Head-On: The Proactive Benefits Of Restructuring

Every business experiences highs and lows. These inevitable challenges might stem from a deteriorating liquidity position, loss of market profitability or growth in bad debts. And while the term 'restructuring' might sound daunting, it doesn't always translate to a crisis. Instead, it can be a proactive strategy to navigate through these challenges and steer your company towards success.[...]

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corporate finance due diligence

Corporate Finance: Value Creation – Today And On Sale

The term ‘due diligence’ or DD, as it is often shortened to (somewhat ironic for a process that is rarely short), often strikes fear into business owners and management teams alike. Having hordes of external advisors combing through details of what feels like every transaction a company has ever made, looking for errors, can be disruptive, time-consuming and detrimental to the value of the business.

However, when you strip the DD process down to its fundamentals[...]

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international trade

The Overlooked Benefits Of Supporting International Traders

Research by major banks has revealed that businesses trading internationally generate significantly higher income compared to domestic clients of similar size and turnover. One bank found income from international clients was over 300% more on average.

There are several factors driving this differential [...]

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barriers to digital transformation

Barriers To Successful Digital Transformation

In today's fast-paced, digital-centric era, digital transformation is becoming vital for businesses to stay relevant and competitive. However, it's not simply about trading old systems for new ones; it's a complex and often daunting endeavour involving organisational change, innovative strategies, and the adoption of next-generation technologies. The rewards of success can be vast, from increased productivity and customer satisfaction to brand-new revenue streams. However, the road to successful digital transformation is rarely straightforward, filled with myriad obstacles that may deter, delay, or completely derail these initiatives. In this article, we look at the barriers that businesses often encounter along their digital transformation journeys, despite following best practices, and explore potential solutions to these challenges.[...]

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technology and innovation forum

Evolution of the Technology & Innovation Forum

The Technology & Innovation Forum format has been updated after reviewing the first half of 2023, including the introduction of a monthly meeting schedule and more peer-led content.

The next session is on September 20th featuring a data solution case study. Sign up to participate in this peer community focused on adopting technology and driving digital transformation.

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See you there?

Over the coming weeks, members of the team will be attending the following events. Hopefully we’ll see you there.

14 September: UK Finance Invoice Finance and Asset Based Lending Dinner, London

20 September: Technology & Innovation Forum - Case Study: Driving Arkle’s journey towards a data-led organisation

21 September: Ailleron Innovation Forum, Krakow

27 September: Leasing Industry Golf Day, Donnington Valley Golf Club

28 September: – Finativ Open House – online discussion forum covering Barriers to Digital Transformation; Corporate Finance - Value Creation Today and on Sale; The Overlooked Benefits of Supporting International Traders

3 October: Fleet & Mobility Live - NEC, Birmingham

9 November: Automotive Management Live - NEC, Birmingham

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