August 30, 2023

Facing Business Challenges Head-On: The Proactive Benefits of Restructuring

Every business experiences highs and lows. These inevitable challenges might stem from a deteriorating liquidity position, loss of market profitability or growth in bad debts. And while the term 'restructuring' might sound daunting, it doesn't always translate to a crisis. Instead, it can be a proactive strategy to navigate through these challenges and steer your company towards success.

It's true that restructuring is sometimes seen as a last resort. But you can benefit significantly by addressing these changes head-on and in a timely fashion. As the old adage goes, "prevention is better than cure!" Proactively addressing potential issues allows for a smoother transition and ensures your business remains agile and responsive.

We've been at the forefront of some remarkable transitions. From facilitating the multi-billion restructuring of a European leasing group, including large-scale asset sales, to transforming a struggling agricultural lender into a market-leading provider of renewable energy finance – our experience speaks volumes. And while we're proud of our crisis management credentials, we always advocate for early intervention. This helps avoid further complications or the involvement of insolvency practitioners, which can sometimes lead to decisions being taken out of the management team's hands.

Recognising the need for change can be challenging. Leaders might feel overwhelmed by daily operational concerns, or perhaps there's hesitancy in seeking external support due to perceived costs or potential perceptions of failure. However, at Finativ, we see it differently. Restructuring can be an opportunity for rejuvenation and growth.

Our approach at Finativ is about partnership and understanding. We aim to grasp the essence of your business, your strategies, and the unique challenges you face. By tapping into the collective experience of the Finativ team, we offer practical advice in concise, impactful sessions, allowing you to manage daily operations while addressing critical issues.

We're excited about our innovative Finativ Flex service. It's designed to provide businesses with on-demand access to our wealth of experience, offering guidance in those pivotal moments. We're not just here for the emergencies; we're here to drive positive, lasting change in a structured, strategic manner.

If the prospect of enhancing, refining, or even transforming your business appeals to you, we're just an email away. Reach out to Phil to learn how restructuring, whether pre-emptive or reactive, can provide a fresh perspective and new opportunities for your business.

For more information, contact:

Phil Gerrard, Consulting Director, Finativ

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