March 30, 2023

Pumping Up Asset Finance: How Digital "Steroids" Boost Speed and Power

Businesses across industries are constantly seeking ways to gain an edge over competitors and improve their bottom line. In the world of sports, athletes are always looking for performance-enhancing improvements, with some turning to steroids to increase their strength, power, and speed. In the business world, digital strategies can serve as the equivalent of "steroids" to help banks, motor, and asset finance companies achieve better, faster, and cheaper results.

Increased Growth and Flexibility

A well-executed digital implementation can lead to significant growth and establish a stronger foundation to support rapid change. By connecting with service and supply chain partners, businesses can further enhance their "power" within the process. This flexibility is essential in uncertain environments where quick reactions are necessary.

Reduced Costs and Optimised Resource Utilisation

As businesses face cost and revenue challenges, it is crucial to reduce waste and optimise resource utilisation. Digital automation can streamline mundane tasks, allowing experienced professionals to focus on important decisions at critical stages of critical processes.

Additionally, a customer-friendly self-serve process can transform traditional contact centres with substantially fewer calls and shorter call durations. A competent digital platform provides visibility into every aspect of a transaction, lowering operating expenses and increasing stakeholder satisfaction.

Enhanced Market Presence and Capabilities

Digital strategies can increase business strength and power, building confidence and capability in businesses. A digital customer experience enhances your ability to compete, winning market share from those who are slow to implement. Over time, as businesses learn from their experiences and increase their market share, confidence in the digital strategy builds. Digital solutions can create economies of scale and scope, making entries into new markets and territories far simpler.

Improved Agility and Flexibility

In a world where work-from-home (WFH) or hybrid models are the norm, digital platforms are essential to ensuring agility and flexibility. An agile no-code platform ensures that new processes can be configured and implemented quickly. This capability can also help businesses respond to crises, regardless of their magnitude.

Solidified Foundations and Resilience

An end-to-end digital capability, combined with appropriate access to data, analytics tools, and monitoring of metrics, enables businesses to solidify their digital capabilities. This ensures that their foundations are strong and resilient, and stand a better chance of remaining so over time.

Increased Stamina and Capability

Competent digital systems allow organisations to handle extended periods of "surge" with greater stamina and capability. The high degree of automation and workflow that exists in such systems ensures sustainability over time.

Benefit from First Hand Experience

Digital strategies offer businesses a powerful means of enhancing their performance in multiple areas. At Finativ, we provide consulting and advisory services to businesses in the financing sector, drawing on our deep first-hand experience of working with asset, motor, and invoice finance companies, their suppliers, and stakeholders.

If you would like to learn more about how digital strategies can improve your business performance, please contact Andrew Peet.

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