October 30, 2023

Technology & Innovation Forum: Planning for 2024

As with any business, activities planned for the start of the next year are largely in place in the final quarter of the previous year. And as the Technology & Innovation Forum approaches and soon passes its first birthday, it seems only appropriate to start 2024 with a face-to-face meeting.

People Want to Get Together

Popular and convenient though the online format is, the Technology & Innovation Forum is about building a community of peers, all working within financial services and either with digital responsibility, or with a serious interest in the topic as decision-maker or user. So, it comes as no surprise that we have seen growing demand to organise an in-person event and are delighted to announce that we will meet in Canary Wharf, London on Wednesday 17th January 2024. We are putting the finishing touches to the agenda and will make the most of people being together to facilitate discussion and interaction.

Innovation Can Come from An Unexpected Source

We are now hearing regularly from our own membership in our monthly calls, which is proving popular, with authentic, relevant and engaging topics, and plenty of interaction. Nevertheless, we are also asked about technology in a broader context, with curiosity about what is happening in other business sectors that could be transferable to financial services, or that could simply inspire creativity and innovation within our membership.

Thus, we are planning to bring you input from at least one technologist who has nothing to do with our business, at least not yet!

Future Content

After our January get-together, we will continue with our monthly, online format. A number of topics are already lined-up (February 21st, March 20th, April 17th), including:

  • A practical dive into an RPA implementation, which was a speedy delivery as well as demonstrating quick results
  • “The 3 Rs in Technology – Recruitment, Reward & Retention” – how to build a successful and satisfied IT function
  • Deploying microservices as a lighthouse project – delivering a solution quickly and effectively, to convince the business of the need for change

The Critical Role of Tech Vendors

The Technology & Innovation Forum currently remains a vendor-free space, though we are getting requests to hear from solution providers.

Of course, technology trends like AI are of interest; not just the big headlines, but rather, topics closer to home, such as shifts in the architecture of ERPs and the consequent impact on the future pricing of products.

Also, with the move to microservices, there is much discussion about how the increasing number of vendors can and should behave with each other, and in the interests of their clients. In future, the forum will provide a space for client organisations to interact with vendor representatives, including product developers rather than sales agents, and away from the pressurised context of an RfP-situation. Indeed, in one of our earlier sessions, we have already been able to interview vendors and introduce their perspective into a discussion on implementation success-factors.

Increasing Membership, Expanding Scope, Growing Value

In September, our membership passed the 50 mark, with representation from 40 financial institutions. The range of topics the participants would like to discuss is providing fertile ground for a diverse agenda pipeline.

One of the most interesting observations to date is that even in an “IT” forum, some of the most animated discussions are around people and organisations. As well as facilitating these conversations, we are striving to build a library of information and market intelligence around the technology options most relevant and most valuable to our group.

Importantly, the format, the agenda, the content, the speakers are decided by, often provided by, the participants themselves.

Please Join Us!

If you are driven to connect with industry leaders, open to learning and sharing best practices, and an active participant in driving digital transformation in the motor and asset finance industry, we would be delighted to see you in our community. It is uniquely focused on technology in our sector, offering unparalleled opportunities to engage in thought-provoking discussions and innovative thinking.

The next Technology and Innovation Forum is scheduled for Wednesday 15th November and will see Tony Lynch present the implementation of an AI tool to measure and predict the buying intention of visitors to Toyota Financial Services’ websites.

We invite you to join your peers at this event to delve deeper into the future of financial technology. To sign up and participate, please visit the Technology & Innovation Forum .

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