August 29, 2023

Technology & Innovation Forum Update

After launching the online Technology & Innovation Forum at the start of the year and, having tried a few different agendas and formats, as well as investing in some bespoke software to facilitate our activities, Finativ took the opportunity of the extended summer break between sessions to review our endeavours to date. We had individual calls with over a third of our steadily growing membership – now 40 individuals representing 35 institutions – to gather their feedback directly.

New Monthly Cadence

We were enormously encouraged by the level of engagement and enthusiasm from everyone we spoke to – characteristics evident from the start and tangible in every meeting. To build on this and to meet demand, as of September the forum will take place monthly. However, to avoid it becoming too burdensome on everyone’s calendars the core agenda will be reduced to 60 minutes, with a 30-minute networking “lounge” available after each get-together.

Upcoming Content

In June we heard from Conrad Black, Chief Product Officer at Allica Bank, about their digital transformation journey, and wanting to hear more from fellow community members was a consistent theme in all the conversations.

So, the next two dates will see real-life use cases on data interrogation (September) and AI deployment (October) from our own regular forum participants. From all the chats we had, both internally and externally, we have no shortage of ideas and offers of help for future agendas across a wide variety of topics around the identification, selection and deployment of technology to deliver business benefits and to encourage us all to continuously challenge ourselves about how we deliver for our customers.

In-Person Meeting

As is the case in so many settings in the post-Covid world, everyone is appreciative of the flexibility afforded by online meetings, not to mention the time and expense saved in not having to travel to meet with others.

However, it also seems that a large number of the contributors to the Technology & Innovation Forum remain social animals at heart, so for the late November session, the Forum will be a face-to-face meeting, almost certainly in London.

More details and invitations to members will follow soon, and information will be shared more widely in our next newsletter.

Select Vendor Participation

A welcome aspect of the Forum for many people is that it is seen as a vendor-free space. However, there is growing interest in hearing directly from software providers about new technology and the latest developments.

However, and most importantly, this will be by invitation and on a topic defined by the membership. It’s probably no surprise that the level of curiosity from technology providers is growing even faster than our community itself and we have already tapped into this attention with interviews to give supplier insights to successful deployments, so it is a logical step to selectively involve them in some future meetings.

Growing Library

Any presentation decks used in sessions to date, together with recordings of interviews and breakout groups, are forming the basis of a small library of reference material being stored in the Forum’s platform, for the exclusive access and use of participants.

Over time, this will be supplemented with articles and other contributions, from the members themselves and from vendors, as well as from other external thought leaders. Indeed one idea that came up more than once in our interviews, was to hear from or look at examples of technology deployments in business sectors other than financial services, to provoke fresh thinking and new perspectives.

Future Agendas

In addition to a meeting rhythm that enables better forward planning – 3rd Wednesday of the month, except December and August, which are skipped – we have been asked to give some prior notice and visibility to future agendas.

As well as allowing individuals to decide for themselves in advance, whether or not it is a priority to attend any one meeting, this also permits the nomination of new participants, perhaps for a specific topic, or indeed the delegation to a colleague for learning and development.

In any event, we now have a rich seam of ideas for future events, from the perhaps more obviously tech-related, such as data, AI and cyber-security, to subject matter with broader business relevance – emissions reporting, dealing with regulation, recruitment & retention of technologists; but all at core investigating practical use-cases for technology deployments to improve business effectiveness. Our intention is to maintain a running headline schedule a minimum of two to three months in advance.

Please Join Us!

If you are driven to connect with industry leaders, share best practices, and actively participate in driving digital transformation in the motor and asset finance industry, we invite you to join us.

Our community is uniquely focused on technology in our sector, offering unparalleled opportunities to engage in thought-provoking discussions and innovative thinking.

The next Technology and Innovation Forum is scheduled for Wednesday 20th September and will see Martyn Turner present the implementation of a data solution as a part of Arkle’s journey to becoming a data-led organisation.

Join your peers at this event to delve deeper into the future of financial technology. To sign up and participate in this peer-to-peer group, visit Technology & Innovation Forum - Finativ

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