January 2, 2024

Unlocking Operational Efficiencies: Introducing Finativ Focus 

Navigate the Complex Landscape of Financial Growth and Efficiency 

In financial services, a challenging dichotomy exists: the aspiration for growth is often at odds with the limitations of existing resources and operational frameworks.

This complex landscape demands a solution that can bridge the gap between expansion ambitions and the reality of operational constraints. 

  • The Growth Challenge: Business leaders are frequently trapped in a predicament where restricted resources and fixed overheads hinder their desire for expansion. This scenario can lead to a frustrating stagnation, hindering both short-term progress and long-term sustainability. 
  • The Operational Bottleneck: While operational challenges are often well-understood within these organisations, the ability to address them is regularly overshadowed by the pressing nature of day-to-day tasks. This leaves little room for teams to focus on strategic, long-term solutions that could significantly enhance efficiency. 
  • The Efficiency Equation: Achieving greater efficiency is a common goal, yet many are hesitant to pursue it at the cost of compromising service quality, employee satisfaction, and the overall integrity of operations. This creates a delicate balancing act between streamlining processes and preserving core business values. 

Finativ Focus: A Tailored Approach to Operational Excellence 

In response to these industry-wide challenges, a novel consultative service has been introduced: Finativ Focus

With Finativ Focus, clients can benefit from Finativ's highly experienced process and commercial experts who can engage on a shared risk basis where work at cost is supplemented by a success fee, which will be agreed upon upfront and will only be payable based on the benefits identified.

Projects will focus on one area, process or department, last 4-5 weeks and identify quantified improvements and delivery timeframes, implementing quick wins immediately, where feasible. 

Efficient, Customised, Integrated 

Finativ Focus distinguishes itself through a methodology that is efficient, customised, and seamlessly integrated: 

  • In-Depth Analysis: The cornerstone of Finativ Focus is a comprehensive analysis process. This goes beyond mere problem identification and delves into understanding the unique aspects of your business, including goals, challenges, and operational dynamics. 
  • Tailored Strategies: Understanding that each business is unique, Finativ Focus offers customised solutions. These strategies are specifically crafted in collaboration with your team to align with your needs and goals. 
  • Harmonious Implementation: The effectiveness of Finativ Focus is amplified by its focus on integration. Solutions are designed to be effective and integrate smoothly with your existing operations, ensuring minimal disruption and optimal uptake. 

The Finativ Focus Model: Transparent Pricing and Aligned Success 

Finativ Focus introduces a compelling pricing model that aligns directly with the success and efficiency improvements of your business: 

  • Fixed Pricing with Success Fee: At a fixed price of £17,500 (+VAT) per month, Finativ Focus provides a clear and predictable cost structure. The additional Success Fee is a unique aspect, calculated based on the quantifiable improvements in capacity, agreed upon through pre-set metrics and thresholds. This ensures that our incentives are perfectly aligned with your success – when you win, we win! 
  • Expert Team with Minimal Disruption: The service deploys two Finativ experts for a combined 20 working days each month. This 2-person team brings a wealth of sector-specific, operational, technical, and commercial experience. Their expertise ensures a rapid understanding of your business, reducing the learning curve and minimising disruption to your operations. 
  • Focused and Efficient: Finativ Focus zeroes in on specific areas – be it a team, department, product, or process. This targeted approach identifies and quantifies efficiency improvements and provides momentum for changes that may have been on your agenda for a while. Leadership receives weekly feedback, ensuring constant alignment and fast identification of potential quick wins. 
  • Rapid and Responsive Cadence: The 4-5 week cycle of Finativ Focus enables quick and actionable solutions. You won't wait for lengthy reports; you'll receive monthly summaries with ranked recommendations based on the estimated capacity release and a clear action plan for implementing these changes. This cadence also allows a swift transition to the next focus area, maintaining a continuous improvement loop. 

A Partnership for Efficiency and Growth 

The directive of Finativ Focus is both clear and urgent: "A high-speed, low-risk way of identifying and enabling operational efficiencies, now!" This call to action is a bold promise and a realistic and proven path to transforming operational challenges into opportunities.  

Finativ Focus isn't just a consultancy service; it's a partnership model designed for the realities of the modern financial services industry. The transparent pricing structure, combined with the expertise of our team and our focused, rapid-response approach, makes Finativ Focus an ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance their operational efficiency without sacrificing their core values or service quality. 

Our success is intrinsically linked to yours, ensuring a shared commitment to achieving tangible, impactful results.  

Contact us to explore how a focused review can drive efficiency, streamline your processes, and ultimately elevate your business's profitability.

Learn more about Finativ Focus here.

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