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With Flexible, Expert Support to Suit Your Needs

Access the expertise you need to tackle ongoing strategic, board advisory or short-term challenges, and seize opportunities in the financial services market with Finativ Flex.

Based on an agreed monthly retainer, this on-demand service connects you with the full talents of the Finativ organisation, bringing extensive experience and expertise across a wide range of business activities. 

Whether it’s driving corporate change, new growth areas, M&A, fundraising or financial management, operational improvements, digital transformation or people-related, our team is available on a flexible, as-required basis to provide the resources you need.

Finativ Flex

Discover the Benefits of Finativ Flex

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Access to Senior-Level Expertise

Gain access to senior executives across asset, auto (fleet and retail), invoice, and trade finance, able to bring extensive experience, knowledge and skills across a range of business activities. 

This means you get high-quality support from experts who understand the industry and the opportunities and challenges you face.


Flexible, As-required Support          

Finativ Flex allows you to access expertise as and when you need it. 

This gives you the flexibility to adjust your resources to match changing business needs, without incurring the fixed costs or lead-time associated with hiring full-time staff or a traditional consulting project.

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Cost-Effective Solution

Finativ Flex offers a cost-effective alternative by providing access to senior-level expertise on a flexible, as-required basis, allowing you to scale up or down as your business needs change. 

Eliminate the need to research and find a new service provider for each project, saving time and effort.

senior executives

Independent Perspective

Our industry specialists bring insights and a fresh perspective to help you make informed decisions and execute effective strategies. 

Having an independent perspective can be invaluable when making critical business decisions.

How it Works

Personalised Support

Each client is assigned a dedicated client manager who understands their business needs and goals. 

The client manager is responsible for managing the retained relationship and will be the primary point of contact throughout the engagement. They provide ongoing advisory support and help introduce specific Finativ experts as required.

On-Demand Expertise

You have access to the entire team of financial services experts as needed, enabling you to tap into a range of skills and perspectives to tackle your business challenges and opportunities.

The team is available on a flexible, as-required basis, allowing you to adjust their resources to match changing business needs.

Review and Feedback

The engagement is reviewed monthly to ensure that your business requirements are being met and to introduce specific Finativ experts as needed.

Any work carried out above the retained time allocation is charged at the prevailing rate. The retainer typically ranges from two to five days per month, with a minimum six-month term.

transactions advisory support

Examples of How You Can Use Finativ Flex

  • Guidance for sale preparation
  • M&A target investigation and contacts
  • Market insight and introductions
  • Guidance on renewables financing
  • Market research activities
  • Process review and improvement
  • System selection
  • Programme or project overview
  • Input to new product design

What clients say about Finativ Flex

Working with our executive team, Finativ has helped us with a strategy process that turned stretching growth ambitions into a coherent transformation programme.  

While sensitive to our specific business culture, they helped us to understand our potential and create a plan of what we need to do and how we need to change. 

Maintaining the quality and pace of change will be essential - signing up to the Finativ Flex programme now gives us continuous independent oversight of our programme with a healthy challenge on quality and speed of progress, plus access to the entire Finativ team, whenever we want it and for whatever we choose. I recommend it thoroughly!

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Daniel Bailey
Executive Director
Arkle Finance Limited

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