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Our targeted, results-driven approach helps financial services companies like yours:

Streamline processes and eliminate operational bottlenecks, enabling you to scale efficiently without expanding your team
Quickly identify and implement high-impact improvements, delivering quantifiable results that boost your bottom line within just 4 weeks
Enhance customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge through optimised, scalable operations that maximise the effectiveness of your existing resources
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Accelerate Your Growth with Finativ Focus

Finativ Focus is designed to deliver defined operational efficiency improvements, quickly. Here's how it works:

Targeted analysis

Our expert team works closely with you to improve a specific areas of focus, such as a particular process, team, or product. We conduct an in-depth analysis to pinpoint efficiency gaps and growth opportunities.

Bespoke Strategy

Based on our findings, we develop a customised strategy that aligns with your unique goals and constraints. This strategy includes a prioritised list of initiatives designed to deliver the most significant impact in the shortest time frame.

Collaborative implementation

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to implement the identified changes, providing guidance, support, and training every step of the way. This collaborative approach ensures a smooth transition and rapid adoption of new processes.

Weekly Progress Updates

Throughout the engagement, your leadership team receives weekly updates on our progress, key findings, and quick wins. This constant communication keeps everyone aligned and allows for real-time adjustments as needed.

Quantifiable Results

At the end of the 4-week period, we provide a detailed report outlining the quantifiable improvements achieved, such as increased capacity, reduced processing times, or improved customer satisfaction scores. This report also includes recommendations for sustaining and building upon the gains made.

Success Story

Case Study: Transforming Operational Efficiency for a Leading Automotive Leasing Broker

automotive broker case study
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In the face of exponential organic growth, a premier automotive leasing broker recognised the need to enhance the operational efficiency of their administration function. They turned to Finativ Focus for an in-depth process and operational review.
Despite their success, the broker grappled with optimising deal flow and customer service without amplifying IT costs or increasing staff count. The goal was clear: streamline operations to sustain growth without adding overhead.
Finativ deployed a specialised two-person team, combining on- and off-site work over four weeks to analyse and assess the broker's administration function thoroughly. Through desktop-level interviews, observation, and process analysis, the team pinpointed areas ripe for rapid enhancement.
  • Immediate Impact: Identified short lead time (0-7 months) enhancements, which increase deal flow capacity by up to 17% with minimal IT investment and no need for additional staff.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Implemented improvements not only boost efficiency but also significantly improve customer satisfaction.
  • Quantifiable Financial Benefits: Achieved net near-term financial gains of up to six times the cost of Finativ's engagement.
  • Visionary Improvements: Unearthed long-term strategic upgrades requiring modest investment and that have the potential to yield net benefits of up to ten times the project cost.
  • Broad-Spectrum Opportunities: Exposed avenues for similar operational and financial improvements across other business areas.
Our engagement with this leading automotive leasing broker underscores Finativ Focus’s value in delivering impactful efficiency improvements tailored to your unique needs. 

By leveraging our specialised expertise and innovative approach, we drive substantial operational enhancements, allowing you to focus on sustained growth and excellence in customer service.

When you partner with Finativ, you benefit from our unique approach and unwavering commitment to your success


Industry Expertise and Proven Methodology

Our team members bring extensive experience working in the financial services sector, combined with our proven Finativ Focus methodology based on Lean Six Sigma principles. This powerful combination allows us to consistently deliver high-impact improvements in just 4 weeks.

Collaborative Approach and Shared Success

We work side-by-side with your team, ensuring full engagement and equipping your staff to sustain improvements long-term. Our flexible engagement model, including a fixed monthly base rate and success fee, aligns our incentives with your success and ensures we are fully invested in delivering measurable results.

Measurable Results and Rapid Time-to-Value

We are laser-focused on delivering quantifiable outcomes, such as increased capacity, reduced costs, or enhanced customer satisfaction. With Finativ Focus, you don't have to wait long to see results – we deliver significant value quickly, giving you the momentum and confidence to pursue further improvements.

Meet the Team

With decades of combined experience in the asset finance sector, our consultants have helped numerous businesses like yours achieve transformative outcomes. At Finativ, your work is always in the hands of seasoned professionals, ensuring the highest quality of strategic guidance.


 Louise excels at driving operational excellence and business transformation for financial institutions. As a COO and Managing Director for fintech and asset finance firms, she led high-performing teams to increase efficiency and deliver innovative solutions.

Companies that have benefitted from Louise's strategic leadership include Close Brothers, Investec, Commerzbank, British Business Bank, BLME, PEAC, Triplepoint, Klarna, White Oak, and Lombard.

With a unique combination of strategic vision, financial services expertise, and commitment to operational rigour, Louise specialises in operational reviews, process design and improvement.
Simon Potts Finativ

Simon Potts

An accomplished technology leader having held global roles covering IT strategy and digital transformation in the asset finance industry.

Spending 24 years at IBM Financing, Simon held worldwide responsibility for AI, Automation and Workflow, Analytics, Information and Sales Enablement Tools. Recognised as a thought leader and major contributor to IBM Financing IT strategy, functional architecture and strategic system deployments.

Simon is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.​


After nearly 30 years of operational automotive and captive financial services experience, including Black Horse, Daimler and Allianz, since 2016 Simon has spent his time in consultancy and advisory roles for a number of OEM and automotive financial services clients.

Much of Simon’s experience has been accumulated in major, international RfP and implementation settings, both as client and service provider.


Formerly Head of Professional Services Programmes & Implementation, Large Enterprise Operations at Xerox Europe, with extensive experience in large project implementation and business analysis, Mark is key to our activities in operational effectiveness and efficiency, including implementation of emerging technologies for process automation.

Mark is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

What clients say about working with Finativ 

  • “Finativ reviewed all aspects of our asset finance business across our relationships, products, processes, policies and organisation, whilst always earning the trust and respect of our colleagues. As a result of the collaboration, we’re now significantly exceeding our asset finance targets, and are already partnering with Finativ in another business unit.”
    Conrad Ford
    Chief Product Officer, Allica Bank
  • “Access to Finativ’s local knowledge, experience and insight enabled us to quickly qualify and enhance a new market entry strategy we had begun to develop and identify critical success factors within the plan.

    The ability to then assist with the implementation of the plan and make introductions to potential local customers, significantly enhanced the value of the Finativ proposition to us.”
    James Rudolf
    Chief Commercial Officer, Acquis
  • “Finativ carried out a thorough review of our operations.  Their recommendations were thoughtful and far-reaching, helping us reshape key elements of our process and organisation to improve productivity, risk management and team morale.  As a result, we now have a firm foundation for service excellence and new business growth.”
    Paul Bartley
    Managing Director, Asset Finance - Hampshire Trust Bank plc
  • “Finativ’s insightful research and thoughtful guidance have deepened our understanding of our client requirements.  They’ve played a major role in informing our product design and market development, for both the asset and invoice finance markets.  The team at Finativ are a pleasure to work with and I recommend them unreservedly.”
    Steve Taplin
    Managing Director, Lendscape Ltd
  • “Finativ delivered a programme of training and best practice sharing that created a community of process improvement experts within the business. Operating cross-functionally, this drove productivity gains, better working practices and improved internal communication. As a next step, Finativ introduced then guided us through the ISO9001 quality management standard to embed operational excellence and enhanced service for our clients.”
    Andrew Beard
    Chief Information Officer, CLM Fleet Management plc
  • “As CEO of an early-stage tech business targeting the motor and asset finance market, I was looking to partner with an advisory service big enough to have depth, small enough to care and experienced enough to add value. I hit the jackpot with Finativ. The whole team is sincere and trustworthy, I see them more as an extension of our team than an external partner.”
    Adrian Walsh
    Chief Executive, CheckVentory Innovation Ltd
  • “Working with our executive team, Finativ has helped us with a strategy process that turned stretching growth ambitions into a coherent transformation programme. While sensitive to our specific business culture, they helped us to understand our potential and create a plan of what we need to do and how we need to change. 

    Maintaining the quality and pace of change will be essential - signing up to the Finativ Flex programme now gives us continuous independent oversight of our programme with a healthy challenge on quality and speed of progress, plus access to the entire Finativ team, whenever we want it and for whatever we choose. I recommend it thoroughly!”
    Daniel Bailey
    Executive Director, Arkle Finance Limited

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